Where beauty is a passion.One stop to all your fashion essentials .

Limor .xx

Roni .Mtl.

The owner and her team are the classiest smartest women i have ever met in retail. Her products are always top quality, and she stands by her product 100%, I have shopped by her for over 10yrs and have never regretted it

Karpman .MTL

Outstanding quality at reasonable prices! I have bought many items from LimLim over the years and have always been delighted with the beauty and quality of their pieces. They have every accessory you could possibly want or need and the people are super nice and not salesy.



At Lims . We make sure we are on trend . We create the up to date fashion statements . And the most beautiful ones .


Elegant Accessories

Can't go wrong with a timeless tennis necklace.

We love hearts .

Clean and simple. Elegant heart look.

Pearls .pearls .

My first jewlery purchase was a pearl necklace . We upgraded the whole look into a Swarovski pearls collection. And it's beautiful.